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Urakointi+-software is tool for contractors who wants to manage their projects and control its cost in real time.


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What is Urakointi+?

Urakointi+ -software since 2013 already. Urakointi+-software is tool for contractors who wants to manage their projects and control its cost in real time. All needed construction project data is available and reachable from Urakointi+ SaaS platform where ever you go. It is SaaS software and its works smoothly with all devices mobile, tablet and computer.

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UrakointiPlus software

No more fuzzy papers to fill in to get timesheets filled or finding a right form for extra work reporting, all is in the Urakointi+ software and ready to use whenever you have your phone or tablet with you.

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Why Urakointi+?

Easy view to project

If you wish, you can digitize your entire chain from bidding to invoicing or choose to digitize only part of the process.

The staff makes their time and cost reporting and updates the project's billing records or extra work information on site using the mobile phone or a tablet. Project managers can browse / scroll and approve the records, and make possible adjustments if needed.

The necessary acceptance, including linked documents, can be acknowledged on-site or sent digitally for approval when the work phase has been completed.

The digital installation reports save time for both order and purchase and reduce the amount of paper work. Orders can be send and confirm easily from software.

The entire process for approval, invoicing and payroll can be digitized.


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Easy to integrate

Urakointi+ has already various integration to accounting/ERP software like Netvisor, Procountor, Visma.net, Visma Business and Heeros. It has API to make other integrations as well.

Personnel and purchasing items and sales revenue are automatically moved from the financial system to Urakointi +, and these are linked to the projects' phases and the hours worked, which allows a real-time follow-up on profitability

The finishing calculations are no longer needed.


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Quick invoicing

Payment installments, invoices, and invoices based on installation reports are passed on to financial management as the work progresses. If desired, the purchase invoice lines will also automatically be billed from the financial administration. The attachments needed for invoices are automatically assembled into a single PDF, allowing you to easily include all of your required documents, including images, and seamlessly pass through e-invoice operators to customers. Contract + automatically monitors work progress and notifies you as soon as new billing is available.

Extra cost will be invoices

The employee can mark additional work with daily work logging, while taking a picture and a site manager acknowledgment on the touch screen of their smartphone. Even afterwards, the supervisor can mark a line for additional work if it has been ignored by the installer for some reason. Additional work can be done in a separate installation report, approved by the site manager and then billed immediately.



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Effective work management

Each supervisor can resource and monitor their own worksites. The capacity outlook also looks to the future, that is, to show how resource requirements or resource efficiency are evolving based on order and offer volumes. Possible deviations are detected well in advance, leaving time to react to changes. Employees' electronic hourly and expense records are reviewed and, once approved, are transferred directly to payroll and, in the case of invoicing or additional work, to invoicing.


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Right tools in right place

The order for the required materials is sent automatically from the system. The suppliers can approve the order receipt via a quick link and send information at the time of delivery. This information process is independent of the supplier's own system. The follow-up of information between the client and the supplier directly supports the construction site and the project manager to know which goods are delivered at what times. Purchasing costs are automatically registered on the project and help keep up to date with financial monitoring.


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Easy to use

The different users of the Urakointi + system can have different roles and have access to and execute cases in the system. Only the views you set up are accessible and visible to the user and the other cases can be left out of the working view - which simplifies the use. For example, senior management can follow up on the overall situation, project managers follow up on their own projects and plan efficient use of resources by their own teams in their projects. The field staff can see their own time use and possible project documents such as the contents of the work order, job descriptions etc.


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UrakointiPlus Ltd

UrakointiPlus –
Real-time project management and cost control

UrakointiPlus Ltd is an agile software company which develops tools for contractors. UrakointiPlus  has been delivering the Urakointi+ -software since 2012. Urakointi+-software is for contractors who wants to manage their projects and control costs in real time. All needed construction project data is available and reachable from Urakointi+ SaaS platform wherever you are. It is SaaS software and works smoothly with all devices - mobile phones, tablets and computers.

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Customer stories

Jan Gustafsson - Nikkarit Oy

Jan Gustafsson

Nikkarit Oy

"The most concrete advantage is that the same information does not need to be recorded in several places," says Gustafsson. "There are currently fewer people in the administration than when we started, despite the fact that the total number of employees has almost doubled. In addition, the follow-up is better and we can follow the margins in real time. We also follow up the invoicing delays much more closely today," Gustafsson adds.

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