Urakointi+ tool for contractors to manage and cost control their projects in real time.


UrakointiPlus Ltd is agile software company which develops tools for contractors. UrakointiPlus has been developing Urakointi+ -software since 2012. Urakointi+-software is tool for contractors who wants to manage their projects and control its cost in real time. All needed construction project data is available and reachable from Urakointi+ SaaS platform where ever you go. It is SaaS software and its works smoothly with all devices mobile, tablet and computer.

Urakointi+ helps you with bids and billing, resourcing and managing and controlling your daily jobs site. It works well together with several accounting software as well as needed billing data flows automatically to billing and accounting software. All extra work can be handled, sent, received and approved trough the software. With Urakointi+ you can sure that your cash flow is fluent, and everything will be invoiced.

Your site crew will love it. No more fuzzy papers to fill in to get timesheets filled or finding a right form for extra work reporting, all is in the Urakointi+ software and ready to use whenever you have your phone or tablet with you.

Site managers will get all the needed information for paying salaries, extra invoicing, project management, resourcing, approvals and controlling the project from the same software. Less hassle with resourcing, billing or approvals leaves time for leading construction project successfully from beginning till the end.


More information about our solution for contractor and success stories from users in http://www.urakointiplus.fi/en/ . Leave your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible. Let´s make your future projects more successful with Urakointi+.


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