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Nikkarit AB are experts in listing (plinth, lining, roofing, etc.) and frame mounting for all types of buildings. The listings can be viewed in thousands of apartments, hotels, offices and office buildings, as well as many projects such as Victoria Tower in Kista, Clarion Hotel in Arlanda and Grand Hotel in Stockholm.


The search for an appropriate project management system begins - the need for support for a widespread business

Nikkarit's listing business starts from 1990 and Nikkarit AB started in Sweden in 2005. The professional experience combined with continuous development has led the company to its current position - market leader in its field in Sweden and Finland. The strong and stable growth is based on long and well-managed customer relationships. Reliability and security of supply are supported by membership in RALA, AAA rating and the parent company Mellby Gård, which provides valuable support for future plans.

At the time of Nikkarit's search for a project management system, the business was already active in ten locations. It was difficult to get a comprehensive overview and it was almost impossible to predict the financial results because each unit used their own Excel to monitor the projects and the financial situation. The devices worked in their own way and the data was entered several times - in many different places.


A system adapted for Nikkarit'

When Nikkarit decided to choose a system supplier for the Project Management System, the objectives were clear: "The goal was to shorten billing times, and improve predictability and resource management. We wanted to follow up on all locations with" the same glasses ", says Jan Gustafsson, current CEO for Nikkarit.

The major challenge in purchasing a project management system was to find a system that would respond to Nikkarit's specific requirements, and to support operations that were widespread in many locations. Such a system was not yet on the market, and at that stage it had to be adapted.

The commissioning focused a lot on adapting the system to explicitly support Nikkarit's operations and processes. "We did not want to change our own operations for the sake of the system, but wanted a system that fits our operations and processes from sales, planning to invoicing," Gustafsson explains.


The project management system provides clear follow-up and facilitates resource planning

We are particularly pleased that the system enables a clear and transparent follow-up of the situation: “Resource follow-up is good. We see the need for resources for about half a year to come, and always have the right amount of staff in relation to the workload, ”Gustafsson explains.

With the help of the system's transparent follow-up, there are no wasted hours because the staff and working hours can always be allocated in the right way according to the needs. "It is easier to plan the future projects, since we know what has been sold and what the timetables are," Gustafsson says.

The system is well adapted to the workflow in change, supplementary and outgoing work. It was easy to maintain new needs and work during the project. It is possible to follow up on extra work, the new resource needs and the project in general. Extra work information also works well with invoicing.


Practical use is a plus

Nikkarit is pleased with the remote work opportunities that the new project management system supports: "It's good. We can always work where we are right then. In the project start meetings we always have tablets with us, and the project's features are documented directly in place," says Gustafsson.

The partnership with UrakointiPlus has also proven to facilitate the daily, practical work: "UrakointiPlus is a reliable partner, and we can openly discuss all matters. We have also received support during the holidays."

"The most concrete advantage is that the same information does not need to be recorded in several places," says Gustafsson. "There are currently fewer people in the administration than when we started, despite the fact that the total number of employees has almost doubled. In addition, the follow-up is better and we can follow the margins in real time. We also follow up the invoicing delays much more closely today," Gustafsson adds.



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